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Tree Service, Trimming, and Removal in Tacoma, WA

At Tacoma Tree Service, we strive to ensure your commercial and residential properties are adequately maintained by keeping your landscaping healthy and increasing your curb appeal. Our services are cost-effective, and we provide quality products, tools, and methods of assistance. Trim, prune, remove, and maintain your trees by allowing our professional arborists to take care of it. We can even help remove or grind your hideous stumps to give your property a proper curb appeal. Our services can also trim, prune, and maintain your bushes and shrubbery. Trust our company to handle your landscaping and get exceptional service. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the most out of your greenery.

About Us

Here at Tacoma Tree Service, our professional arborists offer various detailed services to your specific commercial or residential landscaping. We provide you with quality products, equipment, and tools to assist with any service desired. Any service we offer is promised to be cost-effective and will be completed on schedule. We will prune, trim, or remove your trees no matter the size or number. That includes installing cabling and bracing to strengthen your trees and to help the growth process. Even when it comes to maintaining your bushes and shrubbery, we can help with that as well. Choose our company for any installations, removals, and maintenance at your home or place of business.

With years of experience in the industry, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality tree care services
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Our Services

Tacoma Tree Service offers a variety of maintenance for your residential and commercial landscaping. Our services are detailed to ensure long-lasting results and to prevent any further harm or damage from occurring. Trim or prune your trees to keep them properly maintained so they can grow more efficiently. Even when needing to remove your trees, no matter the difficulty, we can help you. Install our quality cabling and bracing to help strengthen your weak or broken trees as well. We not only work on trees but also care about the rest of your landscaping needs, like trimming or pruning your shrubbery and bushes. Allow us to help ensure your property is maintained with the perfect curb appeal to maintain the value of your property.

Tree Removal

That entails the foundation, for example. The root zone of a tree can be pretty large. As it continues to grow, it can impair and lift some of the property’s items, which would lead to unnecessary damage. Rather than go through that, call us up, and we will help you out. Don’t wait to remove trees at your residential and commercial property – a windstorm can fall limbs or entire trees. It can be very dangerous to your loved ones and your property. Allow our professionals to remove it for you. We are experienced with tree removal and know how to do it efficiently and safely. We also have the equipment necessary to remove large trees. We carry full insurance, so let us shoulder the responsibility of clearing your nuisance trees before they cause and more damage or harm. Call us today for a free estimate!

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning add significant benefits, such as the prevention of any storm damage. If the trees on the property have damaged or otherwise overburdened branches because they are overgrown, they will be at risk of injuring others during storms. The best way to protect your property and those you love from damage occurring from these storms is to schedule pruning before those seasons of adverse weather. During these scheduled appointments, we can remove any branches that cannot withstand these heavy rains. It also improves the general curb appeal of your home. Pruning and trimming remain one of the ways that the landscape is improved. When you do not take the time to prune these trees regularly, they can overcrowd the other plants. The trees can become unmanageable, so it would then block the view to the rest of the yard. You can make sure this is not a problem by scheduling a visit to ensure there is some organization to the yard.

Now that you know the advantages of pruning your trees, it seems like a great thing to do, but you may not be sure about whether your trees need it or not. There are some symptoms you can check off before calling us to handle the tree trimming. The first is if the tree seems a bit oblong or misshapen. You might admire the unique manner the tree in the yard is growing though it is not necessarily healthy.

If the tree does not have the right shape, then it means it is growing in the wrong manner. The misshapen trees can then lead to property damage because of uneven weight distribution occurring between the branches. It can also lead to broken or splintered branches as well. Since pruning leads to new growth cycles, there is a need for regular pruning and maintenance. Branches growing to a point where they are over the power lines is also one of the signs you need to trim. It is very dangerous for them to grow over the utility lines, and they would have to be taken care of by a professional. They pose a significant threat to the people of the neighborhood, not to mention your home, because of the potential of igniting. The dense growth of the trees is also a sign that some trimming is in order. At first, it may look like the tree is growing healthily; however, if you cannot see through the branches, it means the sunlight is not getting to the undergrowth or leaves underneath. Thick branches are hazardous during heavy winds as they have an even bigger potential for storm damage.

Cracks are also signs that you need to prune or at least that something is wrong. Typically, it is a sign that a part of the tree is suffering from a disease. If it is not treated quickly, then the infection may spread to the rest of the branches, and the tree will die. One of the main fixes for this would be to prune those branches that have large cracks. That would give the tree a chance to bounce back with a healthier growth level. Proper pruning techniques make your fruit trees stronger, healthier and increase productivity. But pruning also needs to be done by knowledgeable arborists to ensure the health of your trees. Allow us to maintain your trees by scheduling frequent trimming and pruning services. Call us today for an estimate!

Shrub and Bush Trimming & Pruning

Stump Grinding & Removal

Tree stumps are risky as well, considering their adherence to disease. Insects, mold, and other fungi thrive on dead stumps because they are fodder though it can lead to the spread of harmful diseases to the other trees in the yard, not to mention any shrubs around. By getting rid of the stump, it becomes possible to prevent the disease so that they do not spread to the other trees that are around the stump.

You also get to avoid the possibility of the stump growing back again. The last thing one would need after dealing with such a tedious problem again is to have to do it all again. The stumps that are not effectively removed may begin sprouting and grow again, which means there may be costly removal of trees sometime later on. For stump grinding from Tacoma Tree Pros, it is not going to be the case. Both the stump and roots are removed so that regrowth will not be the case soon. The decision to have the stump as grounded as possible when the tree is cut will avoid any costs happening in the future. Our professional arborists can remove your stump entirely, roots and all, to give you more room to plant new trees. You can even use a cost-effective approach like stump grinding to get your tree stump as close to the ground as possible without having to dig up any roots. Take care of your tree stumps, and allow us to remove or grind them with ease. Call us today for a free consultation for stump removal and stump grinding!

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Tree Cabling & Bracing

Finally, look for heavy and over-extended branches. These limbs that seem a bit heavy can place a lot of pressure on the trunk and the tree. During a storm, these branches can easily break, resulting in property damage or injury to people. They are also quite vulnerable to additional weight such as snow, which makes them more of a hazard to your community. To combat this, our team can initiate cabling of the branches to reduce the stress of the target limb and make it more structurally reliable. Even once installed, we will make frequent visits to ensure they are working properly and strengthening your tree to stand on its own. Call us today, and one of our experts can go over how tree cabling and bracing can benefit your specific property. Call us today to schedule your free estimate!

Tree Health Maintenance & Care

If you experience storms, then it can damage the trees significantly. That needs to be checked immediately after it passes. Trees that are damaged because of unfavorable weather need to be cleaned up and trimmed before they become significant hazards to your home. That’s why you better call us as our maintenance division has tons of experience and would love to help. You can also conduct a disease and pest check. One of the advisable ways of staying ahead of the potential health issues that could affect your trees is to keep checking for any signs of pests or infections.

If you monitor the trees regularly, it becomes much easier to stay ahead of any changes within the yard, and you can react quickly to save them. It would help if you had a regular tree plan to make sure the trees are well taken care of during the year. Our team of experts in tree care has the right knowledge and can make sure that the landscape remains beautiful and healthy. Armed with a custom plan for the yard, our tree experts will help you attain the right scheduling for your landscaping needs. Let us trim, prune, and remove your plant life landscaping to help maintain the overall health and to provide a beautiful curb appeal. Your landscaping is the first thing anyone will see when driving or walking by and should be kept to give you a wonderful exterior to enjoy while obtaining a healthy yard. Let our company provide you with frequent tree health maintenance and care for any property desired.

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